Bazooka Quartey dares Ghana Boxing Association

Date: 9th-january-2014 Time: 

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Former world welterweight champion, Ike “Bazooka” Quartey has dared the Ghana Boxing Association to test his might if only they want to revive the fortunes of Ghana boxing.

Speaking to, Bazooka Quartey insisted that grooming boxers from the amateur level is the only way Ghana can be sure to produce World Champions like himself and Azumah Nelson.

He said the lack of funds, logistics and appropriate boxing equipment are the primary factors militating against amateur boxing development presently and stated that, those would not be problems when he takes over as Chairman of Ghana Amateur Boxing Association.

He stated that, his aim will be to liaise with the government to address the problems though he admitted he will have other valuable support from interested organizations which are keen to sponsor boxing only if its dealings are transparent enough.

He has therefore appealed to the Ministry of Youth and Sports to hand over the day-to-day running of amateur boxing to him and give him state support and he will produce World Champions who will lift Ghana’s image in international boxing once again.

He said “As I speak to you now I can say that Ghana boxing is gradually dying and we need to do something urgently about it because that is what saved the lives of some of us”.

“Some of us cannot look on whilst Ghana boxing falls apart that is why I am making this plea to both the Sports Ministry and the Ghana Boxing Association. The executives have done their bit but we can make it better if I step in to save the situation. There is certainly no time to waste, if not, the plight of Ghana boxing will become very very miserable” he said.


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